Medical Planting Agricultural Greenhouse With Blackout Curtain Auto Light Deprivation Greenhouse

Light deprivation is quickly becoming the go-to method of growing for good reason; growers can harvest 3-5 times per year and essentially turn their greenhouse into an indoor environment using the auto blackout mechanism. By limiting exposure to weather, humidity, excessive heat and cold, the flowers produced are often comparable to the quality of any indoor garden. Greenhouse growers save thousands of dollars in expenses every month by harnessing the sun. 


All of our Light Deprivation Greenhouse kits include:


Galvanized steel greenhouse frame :

  • Only available in sizes 20 feet wide and 20-95 feet long. It has a center height of 12 feet and comes standard with 7 ft. straight sidewalls before the curve of the roof begins. The height and sidewalls can be adjusted downwards with this particular model if needed. Both endwalls are engineered to remain permanently blacked out. One wall contains the custom, pre-welded double black out doors (4’ x 8’ each) and the other is a solid endwall. The permanence of the endwalls makes it easy to mount fans and other equipment.

Translucent greenhouse poly : 

  • The introduction of Japanese Mitsui Technology, unique formulas and additives, 5-year Quality Guarantee Polyethene Film is the 3 layer co-extruded film, the efficient functional additives are added to different layer, Anti-Static and UV Stablilization is on the top layer, The IR additives(Thermic) is in the middle layer, Anti-Mist and Anti-Drip is in the inner layer.

Blackout poly (Black on the side, White on the outside) :  

  • Black/White 8 mm string-reinforced polyethylene is a film that is manufactured using a mix of virgin polyethylene resins. To manufacturer this product we use a black polyethylene skin on one side and a white polyethylene skin on the other. The black side completely contains light, the white side reflects heat. The skins encapsulate a grid pattern of polyester yarn, and a hot sheet of polyethylene, to form a very strong three layer product appropriate for multiple applications. 2 year rated film.

Manual roll up sides

  • Easy-to-use wind up tool.

  • Smoothly roll plastic up to desired height.

  • Clear plastic is secured to the galvanized steel roller bar, eliminating flyaway edges.

  • Includes 2 steel roller bars, 2 winding mechanisms and mounting bolts.

  • Keep in mind that this option can only be used when the blackout poly is rolled up and not covering the sides.


Other parts

Motors and Automation controller, Frame ends, , Zig Zag Wire and Profiles,  3-5 purlins (depending on size), assembly instructions.