hydroponic greenhouse systems rockwool cubes 15cm

Item No Item Name Size in Inch Size in cm Picture Application
Eco-1 Propagation Starter 1'' 3*3*4  hydroponic greenhouse systems rockwool cubes 15cm  They are most commonly used for starting lettuce and other leaf crops, tomotos and cucumber seedings,and flowers.
Eco-2 1 1/2'' 4*4*4
Eco-3 2'' 5*5*4
Eco-4 Propagation Blocks 3*3*2.5 7.5*7.5*7  hydroponic greenhouse systems rockwool cubes 15cm  Propagation blocks are used for transferring seedlings started in the propagation cubes, when it is desired to hold them prior to putting them onto the slabs.
Eco-5 3*3*4 7.5*7.5*10
Eco-6 4*4*2.5 10*10*7
Eco-7 4*4*3.1 10*10*7.5
Eco-8 4*4*4 10*10*10
Eco-9 6*6*6 15*15*15
Eco-10 8*8*8 20*20*20
Eco-11 Cultivation Slab 6*3*36 15*7.5*90  hydroponic greenhouse systems rockwool cubes 15cm Slabs are the premium product for vegetable cropping. They are available wrapped in UV resistant polyethylene sleeves for ease of use. The special structure provides a uniform environment allowing plant roots to rapidly explore all the available growing volume for a quick start.
Eco-12 8*3*36 20*7.5*90
Eco-13 23.6*2.6*47 60*7*120
Eco-14 40*4*47 100*10*120
Eco-15 52*6*52 123.2*15*123.2